Our Favorite Authors

Our book chat this month was about our favorite authors. I thought I'd share with you the authors and books that were mentioned. I hope you find some new authors and books to check out.

Toni Morrison

Beloved is her masterpiece, but probably not a good one to read as your introduction to her work. I would start with The Bluest Eye and then maybe Sula or Song of Solomon

Haruki Murakami

Norwegian Wood is a good novel to get a feel for Murakami, unless you are already into kind of weird magical realism/scifi then I would check out Hard Boiled Wonderland and the End of the World

Jonathan Franzen

The Corrections is my favorite, but I enjoyed Freedom and Purity as well


Roxane Gay

I loved Bad Feminist and Difficult Women. I haven't read An Untamed State yet.

Christopher Moore

This was one of Sarah's favorites and she suggested Lamb, Fool and Fluke.

Barbara Kingsolver

This is one of Jane's picks and Janice's (I also really like her). The Poisonwood Bible is my favorite. I also enjoy her earlier work like The Bean Trees.


Tony Horwitz

Another one of Jane's favorites, A Voyage Long and Strange or Confederates in the Attic


Hugh Howey

Another of Jane's, she recommended Wool to our book club and we all really enjoyed it.


Margaret Atwood

Another of Janice's favorites, The Handmaid's Tale is classic Atwood. I really enjoyed Cat's Eye and her take on The Tempest for the Hogarth Shakespeare series, Hagseed, is fantastic.


Anita Shreve

Another of Janice's favorites, She's good at expressing those innner thoughts we all have.


Laurie R. King

Another one of Sarah's favorites, she suggests either of the series, Mary Russell and Sherlock Holmes series or The Kate Martinelli series.


James Michener

Another one of Jane's picks. He is always great. You may want to try Hawaii or Alaska.


Annie Proulx

Another of Jane's favorites, her newest is Barkskins (I really loved this one) or try The Shipping News.


Geraldine Brooks

This is one of Janice's favorites. Caleb's Crossing is one of her books I hear everyone rave about. I really enjoyed People of the Book and Year of Wonders.


David McCullough

Another of Janice's picks, John Adams or The Wright Brothers are two of his bestsellers. You probably can't go wrong with any of his biographies. As far as biographies go he is the master.

Cormac McCarthy

We all agreed that we loved his writing. All the Pretty Horses is a good place to start.